Who We Are

Photo by: Tamara Williams

Photo by: Tamara Williams

Meghan Matt is a passionate lover of people and pursuer of justice. For more than fifteen years she has been bold in her fight for equality for all people in various ways ranging from education, to online advocacy, to inner city service, to community activism. Two years ago she brought a national live-reading show to Baton Rouge, and through directing these productions a fire inside her was ignited to give others the space to tell their stories. 

 This project was birthed from her vision to shed light on the massively beautiful population of people who remain steadfast in attitudes of mercy and hope despite how society treats and portrays them. She hopes to use her platform to elevate the voices of those living across the Thin RedLine.


Walter McLaughlin, Jr.:  Artist. Dreamer. Entrepreneur. Advocate. Leader. These are just a few of the words used to describe the man that many friends and family refer to simply as "Geno." Having been born in Memphis, TN and attending school in Louisiana made him acutely aware of the issues we face as a society, and also gave him a unique perspective on the views of others. With a passion for people and a heart for service, his willingness to step out in recent times has catapulted him to the forefront of the movement for social justice in and around the region.

This project represents the pinnacle of this journey, having found his voice and developed a platform from which to broadcast it to the world. His sincere hope is that we lift the veil and expose to the world the dedicated individuals, close-knit families, and creative souls that exist beyond the Thin RedLine.